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 Site Works

 Roads, Footpaths & Car Parks


 Stormwater Drainage

 Sewer Drainage

 Water Reticulation

 Electrical & Communication Trenching


 Concrete & Bitumen Cutting

 Retaining Wall Construction

 Driveway Construction

Asbestos Removal

Non-Friable Asbestos Removal from Commercial, Residential Structures & Non-Friable Asbestos Removal of Telecommunication Pits & Pipes

Site Classification Reports

EP Civil will conduct an onsite investigation which includes the drilling of a boreholes to take samples of the soil profile, usually down to 3 metres below the surface, unless auger is refused (ie. hits bedrock at a lesser depth). Testing of the samples by a NATA-accredited laboratory is then undertaken. Finally, the engineer analyses the results in accordance with AS 2870 to determine a soil classification. This analysis is compiled into the Soil Classification Report. The report is used by a structural engineer to accurately determine the most appropriate footing and slab design for your new home, in order to withstand the expected ground movement on a particular site. A copy of your report is also required to be submitted to council as part of the approvals process.

Wastewater Percolation Testing

Wastewater Disposal Soil Testing, Required for Septic Tank Systems for Local Council Building Approval